Making Space in Dalston
Location: London Borough of Hackney
Date: 2007 - 2010
Client: Design for London, London Borough of Hackney & London Development Agency
Working in collaboration with muf architecture/art and Objectif, Making Space in Dalston is a project concerning an alternative approach to regeneration. It evolved a process of communication and action research to help develop a shared vision with residents, businesses and local organisations.

The project looked at how more public space could be created without losing the existing qualities of the neighbourhood. A key concern was how to embrace change while nurturing the self-organising distinctiveness of Dalston that is inherent in both its social capital and physical character.


Landscape Institute Award 2010
Landscape Institute President’s Award 2011
Landscape Institute Urban Design and Masterplanning Award 2011
NLA Award 2011
Finalist Rosa Barba World Landscape Prize 2014

Rather than a traditional top-down masterplan, the project set out to identify projects through dialogue from grass roots up. The stakeholders themselves became the driving force and promoters of change.
A total of 76 projects were identified in 10 themes, through discussion with almost 200 individuals or groups. Projects were either permanent or temporary. Some were termed ‘meantime’ projects in space awaiting development.
Ten projects out of a total of seventy six were developed and delivered between 2009-2010:

Ashwin Street
Gillett Square Toybox
Rhodes Estate green route
Princess May Primary School
Gillett Square painted sign
Rio Cinema illuminated sign
Eastern Curve Garden
Dalston Lane North
Somerford Grove Estate green route
Winchester Place
Ashwin Street
Gillett Square - Wayfinding
Gillett Square - Toybox
Rhodes Estate
Princess May School
Somerford Grove
Cost Consultant: AppleyardsDWB
Structural Engineers: Stockleys
Civil Engineers: Stockleys
Graphic Designers: Objectif
Artist: Gary Webb

Princess May School - Capital Garden Landscapes
Gillett Square Toy Box - Square One
Somerford Grove Estate - Robin Grey with Growing Concerns and Hackney Homes
Rhodes Estate - Davies and Davies Group, Skidmore and Hackney Homes
Ashwin Stree - Volker Highways
Peace Mural Square - Volker Highways
Rio Cinema illuminated sign - Admiral Signs
Gillett Square painted sign - Admiral Signs
Eastern Curve Garden, Davies and Davies, PGSD

Photography: © Sarah Blee and J & L Gibbons